Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sneak Peek

I spent part of the morning helping mom take pictures for the MaPaw eBay auction she is getting organized for. Wow...some cool things have been arriving at our house!

Here I am helping to make sure that the table is properly positioned for photo-taking purposes. is a peek at some of the items that have been donated to mom (there are bunches of other things at other sibe's houses too):

This beautiful necklace is sterling silver and turquoise. It was donated by our friend Donna Wolfe and I'm pretty sure that mom is going to have a tough time giving this one up! She has already tried it on three or four times!

Check this out!!! Dona also donated this super-cool necklace!!! Isn't that you think it would look good on me? Maybe I'll get mom to take a picture of ME wearing it. Do yoou think that would make even more people/sibes want it?

Now this is REALLY cooooool! I know it is a bit tough to see in the photo (mom's gonna have to get the better camera out I think) It's a collar for humans made out of porcupine quills! Why do humans get all of the really great stuff?

Donna also donated this amazing Charoite stone set in sterling silver!!! Charoite is a stone found only in Siberia and it is thought to have healing powers.

Donna donated a ton of other jewelry as well...wait until your humans see it all!!!

Here is something for all of my sibe buddies out there! Donna Casella has arranged with Candy from Pettoycrates to donate a CUSTOM one of these for the sibe whose human wins the auction!!! How cool is that!!!!

And how about a "Hairy Connick Jr." signed print!!! This was donated by Joni and will look fabulous hanging above anysibe's bed or crate!!!

Money from this auction will help pay for eye care for a young sibe named Bravo, who is developing cataracts and will most likely require surgery...not to mention that in the past week, two more MaPaw sibes have been diagnosed with eye conditions! Dunkin is in the early stages of Glaucoma and Christie has an eye issue that we are in the process of having evaluated.

OK..that was a lot of work....I need a snooooooooze....

Harley sure to check out the Ramb-a-Lamb bag that our good friend Karen will be donating!