Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Downs and Ups of Rescue

These two e-mail posts came within a few hours today...

The first e-mail (somewhat edited to protect privacy):
Help Needed

Hi All,

I just received a call that has me in tears...

A gentleman in XXXXX just lost his wife and is in poor
health himself. Like many, he has also fallen on hard times
financially. He must move ......
He must also lose another family member, Juna, his sibe.

His sister contacted me, he can no longer afford a phone.
His electricity is being turned off soon, maybe today. He
has taken Juna to vets, etc. in the hopes of finding her a
home, but nothing. He needs to get out to XXXXX and
establish residency to receive the medical care he needs.

We need to bring Juna in now.

Juna is eight years old and a pampered baby. She goes
everywhere with him, very social girl. Obviously, he will
not leave until he knows she is safe. Time is critical.

Anyone??? The inn is full here, but we cannot say "no" to
this one.

Call or email me if you can help, even short term until
foster space opens up.

The second e-mail:


We are planning to get Juna Sunday.
She will be our guest until she goes to XXXXX's and final
destination at XXXXXX's.

Thank you ALL - I will sleep well tonight!

I'm thankful that I know such caring people!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Blind pup in Philly is SAFE!!!

Wooo Woooo! I am very happy to report that Deek is safe in foster care and will be heading to his new home on Saturday! Dog people rock!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Blind Boy at PACCA Desperately Needs a Home for the Holidays

Meet Deek. This little blind guy is at PACCA (Philly). They love him. He likes to play. Local volunteers can pull and transport anywhere if someone can take him. He is so sweet and so sad. His owners dumped him there because he's blind. Apparently people on the blind dogs list are offering $100 toward his care if someone will adopt! Please e-mail me if you can help or would like more information! kathryn @