Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Goodbye Flora

Sadly, we had to say good bye to Flora this month. We knew our remaining time with her would be short, so we have spent the last month spoiling and loving her. One night earlier this month she played in the snow and ate, not only her dinner, but an extra helping of bologna! The next morning it was clear that the tumor in her spleen was bleeding and that her time was near. I laid with her for about an hour and then we took her to the vet for her final journey. She did not suffer and her passing was very peaceful. I miss her terribly, but I know she had a happy life with us. St. Patrick's day would have been her 10th anniversary with us. I think we will have to eat an extra helping of corned beef in her honor this year! We miss you, Bobo!

Friday, January 16, 2009

A little girls birthday wish.... Priceless!

I received this wonderful story in my e-mail yesterday. What a sweet girl! If anyone wants to help make this little girl's birthday extra special, please make a small donation to help homeless animals in her town!

This sweet little girls name is Gloria Kaitlyn Haywood and she will be 8yrs old on Monday Jan 19th. All she wants for her birthday is to help the homeless animals in Hartwell. Her wish is not to have presents for herself but to have donations made to the Hart County Humane Society as well as adopting out 9 animals at her party. One for each year of her age and one to grow on. The principal of her school, North Hart Elementary has sent out flyers to all the students and Salley McInerney, Anderson Independent Mail, has a story in today's paper, so we hope to have quite a crowd to help this very special little girl make her birthday wish come true. The party is on Monday Jan 19th from 1pm to 6pm at the Pet Villa, 4074 Anderson Hwy., Hartwell Ga.

Gloria Kaitlyn Haywood - birthday girl

Raymond (Ray) Haywood - father 706-371-5009

Lois Haywood - grandmother 706-436-3315

Donna Madkif - Pres. Hart Cnty Humane Society 706-436-0965

Thank you for taking the time to review this information and we hope to see
you on Monday.

Pam McGovern

V Pres

Hart Cnty Humane Society


Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Downs and Ups of Rescue

These two e-mail posts came within a few hours today...

The first e-mail (somewhat edited to protect privacy):
Help Needed

Hi All,

I just received a call that has me in tears...

A gentleman in XXXXX just lost his wife and is in poor
health himself. Like many, he has also fallen on hard times
financially. He must move ......
He must also lose another family member, Juna, his sibe.

His sister contacted me, he can no longer afford a phone.
His electricity is being turned off soon, maybe today. He
has taken Juna to vets, etc. in the hopes of finding her a
home, but nothing. He needs to get out to XXXXX and
establish residency to receive the medical care he needs.

We need to bring Juna in now.

Juna is eight years old and a pampered baby. She goes
everywhere with him, very social girl. Obviously, he will
not leave until he knows she is safe. Time is critical.

Anyone??? The inn is full here, but we cannot say "no" to
this one.

Call or email me if you can help, even short term until
foster space opens up.

The second e-mail:


We are planning to get Juna Sunday.
She will be our guest until she goes to XXXXX's and final
destination at XXXXXX's.

Thank you ALL - I will sleep well tonight!

I'm thankful that I know such caring people!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Blind pup in Philly is SAFE!!!

Wooo Woooo! I am very happy to report that Deek is safe in foster care and will be heading to his new home on Saturday! Dog people rock!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Blind Boy at PACCA Desperately Needs a Home for the Holidays

Meet Deek. This little blind guy is at PACCA (Philly). They love him. He likes to play. Local volunteers can pull and transport anywhere if someone can take him. He is so sweet and so sad. His owners dumped him there because he's blind. Apparently people on the blind dogs list are offering $100 toward his care if someone will adopt! Please e-mail me if you can help or would like more information! kathryn @ cybersibes.com

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sneak Peek

I spent part of the morning helping mom take pictures for the MaPaw eBay auction she is getting organized for. Wow...some cool things have been arriving at our house!

Here I am helping to make sure that the table is properly positioned for photo-taking purposes. Anywoooooo...here is a peek at some of the items that have been donated to mom (there are bunches of other things at other sibe's houses too):

This beautiful necklace is sterling silver and turquoise. It was donated by our friend Donna Wolfe and I'm pretty sure that mom is going to have a tough time giving this one up! She has already tried it on three or four times!

Check this out!!! Dona also donated this super-cool necklace!!! Isn't that great...do you think it would look good on me? Maybe I'll get mom to take a picture of ME wearing it. Do yoou think that would make even more people/sibes want it?

Now this is REALLY cooooool! I know it is a bit tough to see in the photo (mom's gonna have to get the better camera out I think) It's a collar for humans made out of porcupine quills! Why do humans get all of the really great stuff?

Donna also donated this amazing Charoite stone set in sterling silver!!! Charoite is a stone found only in Siberia and it is thought to have healing powers.

Donna donated a ton of other jewelry as well...wait until your humans see it all!!!

Here is something for all of my sibe buddies out there! Donna Casella has arranged with Candy from Pettoycrates to donate a CUSTOM one of these for the sibe whose human wins the auction!!! How cool is that!!!!

And how about a "Hairy Connick Jr." signed print!!! This was donated by Joni and will look fabulous hanging above anysibe's bed or crate!!!

Money from this auction will help pay for eye care for a young sibe named Bravo, who is developing cataracts and will most likely require surgery...not to mention that in the past week, two more MaPaw sibes have been diagnosed with eye conditions! Dunkin is in the early stages of Glaucoma and Christie has an eye issue that we are in the process of having evaluated.

OK..that was a lot of work....I need a snooooooooze....


PS...be sure to check out the Ramb-a-Lamb bag that our good friend Karen will be donating!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Long lost uncle?

So I was pawing around on mom's computer and look what I found... Do you all think he is a long lost relative? He sure is handsome!!!

Do you see the resemblance? The strong jaw...the proud brow...

Here is a link to more photos that mom had on her computer...where ever she took them, I hope I get to go next time!