Friday, January 16, 2009

A little girls birthday wish.... Priceless!

I received this wonderful story in my e-mail yesterday. What a sweet girl! If anyone wants to help make this little girl's birthday extra special, please make a small donation to help homeless animals in her town!

This sweet little girls name is Gloria Kaitlyn Haywood and she will be 8yrs old on Monday Jan 19th. All she wants for her birthday is to help the homeless animals in Hartwell. Her wish is not to have presents for herself but to have donations made to the Hart County Humane Society as well as adopting out 9 animals at her party. One for each year of her age and one to grow on. The principal of her school, North Hart Elementary has sent out flyers to all the students and Salley McInerney, Anderson Independent Mail, has a story in today's paper, so we hope to have quite a crowd to help this very special little girl make her birthday wish come true. The party is on Monday Jan 19th from 1pm to 6pm at the Pet Villa, 4074 Anderson Hwy., Hartwell Ga.

Gloria Kaitlyn Haywood - birthday girl

Raymond (Ray) Haywood - father 706-371-5009

Lois Haywood - grandmother 706-436-3315

Donna Madkif - Pres. Hart Cnty Humane Society 706-436-0965

Thank you for taking the time to review this information and we hope to see
you on Monday.

Pam McGovern

V Pres

Hart Cnty Humane Society



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