Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Looks like I can pinch more than an inch!

Harley here... Mom and dad took me for my yearly exam and it looks like all of the extras passed tome by the mini bi-ped are paying off...I gained 9 pounds!!!!

That puts me at a whoping 99 pounds! Keep in mind, I am VERY tall...mom says I am crossed with great dane .

Now Flora...she's a bit of a chunk! When she came to our house as a foster sister, she was so skinny that she could squeeze out next to the gate (silly girl would get out and want nothing more but to get back in!!!) Then THEVET found out that she had a very bad infestation of tummy bugs!!! After they got cleared up, FloFlo puffed up like a balloon...ok...a ballon filled with butter...Mom has been trying to keep her on a diet but she just never loses any weight! Flora is also very tall...and she has big bones... LOL!!!!

I'm pretty sure I heard Mommy say something about EVERYSIBE going on a diet after the howlidays...I don't like the sounds of that at all...I guys I better make the most of it until then!!! See ya'll 'round the dinner bowl!